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SCCG Management signs deal with Winfellas

Updated:2024-03-30 08:59    Views:114

SCCG Management has announced a strategic partnership with startup Winfellas.

A B2B multiplayer solution created by Winfellas turns standard solo gaming sessions into multiplayer games. Through a variety of social features, this technology enables players to participate in social rooms, share casino games and sportsbooks and connect with other gamers.

Mark Dieckmann, Winfellas CEO, said: "We all are very excited and look forward to going on this journey with Stephen Crystal and his SCCG management team. Now, we show the gaming market a fun way to play casino games and sportsbooks together with friends!”

Stephen Crystal,Online Casino Games Founder of SCCG Management, said: "This strategic partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to bring innovative solutions to the online gaming industry. The multiplayer gaming technology provided by Winfellas will undoubtedly transform the way players interact with casino games and sportsbooks."

Elsewhere, SCCG Management recently entered a contract with Land Vegas, a company that uses virtual reality (VR) to mix iGaming with the bright lights of a physical casino.

Through the Land Vegas agreement, SCCG will combine its network in the industry and strategic planning with Land Vegas' product as both companies work to advance VR gaming.